Dosing and Dilution

The OptoCoupler is an optical isolator which provides electrical isolation between an input source and the output load. It achieves this by interconnecting two separate electrical circuits by means of a light sensitive optical interface using a device known as a photo coupler.

When the current flowing through the OptoCoupler LED is interrupted, the infra-red emitted light is cut-off, causing the photo-transistor to cease conducting. In this way the photo-transistor can be used to switch current in the output circuit.

The OptoCoupler is a useful electronic device which allows devices to be controlled from a digital switch, low voltage data signal or from a PC’s output port.

The main advantage of the Opto-couple is its high electrical isolation between the input and output terminals allowing relatively small digital signals to safely control much large AC voltages, currents and power.

  • Part Number
  • APS/100
  • Description
  • OptoCouper
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