Dosing and Dilution

Flash’n’Fill™ is a stand-alone electronic warning device which operates in conjunction with float switch(es) to detect low levels of chemical in up to ten chemical containers simultaneously. In an alarm situation a red beacon will flash to highlight that one or more of the containers needs refilling or replacing. At the same time a high visibility LED will be illuminated to draw attention to any containers which require replenishment. An audible alarm will also sound intermittently; this can be silenced by pressing the mute button on the front of the unit.

The unit includes an auto-refill facility which uses a dual float switch to control a peristaltic pump to initiate an automatic refill of the container when the level falls below the lower float switch level; the higher float switch level halts the refill procedure when the container is full. The unit also includes a ‘fail safe’ safety timer which halts the pump after a run time of 10 minutes.


    • Range of float switches to suit a range of chemical containers
    • Easy to install and operate
    • Mute facility to disable the sounder mid-alarm
    • 230V AC input voltage
    • 24 and 100V AC input version also available
    • High volume sounder

Optional Equipment:

    • Float switch lances to suit 5-10L, 20-25L, 50-60L and 200L or IBC type chemical containers.
  • Part Number
  • AFF/100-6
  • AFF/100-10
  • AFF/100-10-AR
  • Description
  • Flash ‘n’ Fill™ Controller with 6 Channels
  • Flash ‘n’ Fill™ Controller with 10 Channels
  • Flash ‘n’ Fill™ Controller with Auto Refill Facility
    (8 Low level Alarm Channel plus 1 Auto-Refill Channel)
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